"The name Cookie Crush came about during one of my many contemplative look at life in the bathroom. I kid you not. Not quite like Doc Brown's moment in Back to the Future, but it was as spectacular." Debbie said with a laugh. The thought of not adding her statement took only a second to discount because it says so much about Debbie's personality. And further driving her saying "Cookies should not be taken so seriously. Giggles of enjoyment - those are what cookies are all about."

"Cookies are my first love - to bake, to indulge in, and to give away as presents. There's something about cookies that puts a smile on ones face." 

This gallery showcases cookies that Debbie bakes in her own home kitchen today - this year, this day, this hour, this minute. Most of the pictures are photographed by none other than Debbie using her trusty Olympus PEN Lite E-PL3. A few are from family, friends, and fans of Debbie's work.

The following gallery shows an array of Cookie Crush products photographed by Debbie's niece, Joy. Drool worthy is an understatement. Make sure you have a napkin handy!

This gallery shows Cookie Crush products in the initial phase of the business and were photographed by Sarah Andrews of Capture Photography. Over time Debbie discontinued some of the early product line but were immortalized in these images. Don't be sad. Be confident that Debbie can resurrect the flavors that you've enjoyed of years past. You'll just have to say please a lot. Or make your own if and when she posts her cookie recipes on her my so-called blog.